Love... and hiking.

I have incredible friends, and these two are certainly no exception.

After praying and dreaming and planning, J & N quit their jobs, packed up all their belongings, and set out to conquer the Appalachian Trail for three months. They've been hiking for a little over a week now, carrying on their backs only day-to-day needs. Listening to them talk and plan for this adventure, and now getting to read their blog updates, has been more than inspiring.

I am so, so proud to know them and support them... via blog comments and random Skype calls. They encounter obstacles with light hearts, humor and, most importantly, trust that God has their best in mind.

And here I raise my cup of (Dunn Bros) coffee to you, sweet friends: May you continue to see and hear all that He speaks to you - whether through rocky paths, perpetual rain, or sweet warm sun. Can't wait to celebrate your journey when you return!

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Fast Hikers said...

You are such a beautiful writer and friend. We love you!